I grew up in suburbs of Cleveland.  After college, I traveled to the wilderness of Oregon. Looking up at the stars for the first time there, I nearly fell to the ground because there were so many and they were so bright.

Sometimes, the light pollution clouds our perspective to see the beauty that is right in front of us - a miracle that happens every night.  What is out there that is waiting to be seen if we simply change some of the conditions?  Perhaps a solution that is right in front of us.  An answer that is waiting to be heard.  Why did I have to wait 22 years and travel over 2,000 miles to know how miraculous the stars are?  And now that I am back in a city - the biggest and brightest city in the US - how often do I remember that, even though I look up and do not see them, they are still there? 

I wonder what else there is, already in existence, that I cannot see because of a cloud in my vision. 

I wonder: If I could see through the cloud, or around the cloud, or if a great wind came and blew the cloud away, what would be possible then?