Sometimes brilliance can't be chunked down. Green article cards contain full articles that are so dang thrivable, you simply must read the whole thing! Not every long-form piece we love is here in this wiki as an article, though. For a more complete compilation of books and think pieces, see our referral list and recommended reading cards.

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Agency and Enoughness (and why use P.R.O.S.E.?)
Creativity Emergence: Interview with Michelle James
Directing Change: Interview with Malachi Leopold
Economic Crisis & Transparency: Interview with Scott Reynolds Nelson
Expansion and Movement Interview with Leilani Henry
Living with Incomprehension and Uncertainty
Network Thinking: Interview with Valdis Krebs
People Powered Innovation Interview with Robin Chase
Remixing Community: Interview with Jono Bacon
Savoring Optimism: Interview with Lonny Grafman
The Relationship Economy: Interview with Jerry Michalski
Thrivability of the Commons: Avoiding Eco-Fascism and Embracing Social Justice
Thrivable Leadership Interview with Kevin A Clark
Towards Coherence: Interview with Jon Lebkowsky