“We are all connected, underneath.” 
From the poem Islands by Muriel Rukeysar

We dance to connect.  Our hearts soar with purpose.  When purpose and dancing unite, we have magic.

Years have taught me that the bliss of love, which is thrivability, is love of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

Nothing gets us there more profoundly than listening.  Once we listen to what’s needed, from within and without, we are transformed.  If we are really listening, whatever is old that has protected us, falls away.  We are present with presence.

If we take action on that transformation, on that critical instinct to be present, to help, to give, to share, to partner with that magic, then we have what it takes for thrivability and evolution for ourselves and our people and our planet.

Half of life is figuring out the right closeness and the right distance to have from the people and organizations we love the most.  For what we want is to keep moving… to keep growing, to keep forming our new transits and connectivity and to make those links and to STOP enough to MOVE forward that which is our purpose and our call.  And to LOVE those in the mix who motivate and stun us and make us R E A C H for all that needs doing.

Knowing which are those key and beloved sources of inspiration and partnership, and watering and tending to these our seeds, is the greatest work of being and becoming.  Let us transcend our egos to get to the real stuff of midwifing the shift we are in…show up for the personal, creative, and cultural revolution that is happening right now.
We are fixed, and we are transforming every minute.

But you got to move…and we got to mix-up fully to whom we listen and how we partner.  Do it now…join me in keeping on the path to keep growing.  Drop down now…and Hula, and keep your eyes and soul on the heart of others and be healed/healing.