One night, as I sat on the balcony overlooking the trees and watching the stars, a most strange and unusual thing occurred.

Imagine the world upon which you stand in relation to the size of a "pea."  How tall would you be? How small would humans be to have seven billion of us on that "pea?"

As I sat there a distant point of light I thought at first was the twinkling of a star rapidly approached growing in size and luminosity until it filled the skies and heavens. 

Then, to my additional astonishment, a message issued forth surrounded by intense feelings of love and caring. "Rejoice!"

I discovered sometime later that this same message was simultaneously received in every language and with the same intense feeling of love and care by every people and person upon this world whether awake or asleep.    

“I come here to bring you knowledge of what is beyond.”

“The tipping point of your seven billion human hearts beating their rhythmic promise summoned and released my presence.  Holographic intergalactic portals have opened and some few of you will enter and return with the knowledge to transform and transfigure the future for all.”

My heart began to calm itself as the compassionate harmony of the message salved my being even as I felt a touch of wind, soft and warm as a Spring breeze, waft through my hair as I was transported into and through the portals.

Twenty years, and more, passed until I once again find myself on that same balcony looking at the stars which still shine and yet are transfigured the journey completed and yet still open.  I find my thoughts anchored in the understanding of what needs to be achieved and strengthened in my purpose of contribution and instruction.

Envisioned: the future cleared of the past, filled with promise of compassion, understanding, and fulfillment.

My eyes close and I see zipping through the skies co-generation transporters, carrying families and friends, in pollution free rides gliding through the atmosphere, with the tranquility and effortless propulsion of sea turtles crossing vast distances of water.  

Enhanced holographic communications, via the “tiered wedding cake” construction of the refurbished great pyramids, is greatly facilitating extra-galactic understanding and cooperation.  The realization that we are not “alone” created understandable confusion, but has now become a part of reality which has improved our lives here on our home planet.

The Great Learning, which I encountered and studied in my travels across the vastness of our cosmos, is implemented in the day-to-day life of our human society.  The hidden message of humanity’s special relationship to the eternal is being fulfilled.  

The Luminous Being’s first message:  “Rejoice!” had been so profound with the recognition of its truth and hope. It echoes in each moment and every heart.