My profound appreciation to Valdis Krebs and Tracy Gary, who both independently recommended I do a project like this. I give much gratitude to Todd Hoskins for holding my hand along the way and helping search for sponsors to support the project. My warm thanks to my advisors, who seeded the book: Arthur Brock, Evonne Heyning, Jerry MIchalski (first contributor of content!), Jill Palermo, Gil Friend, Ken Homer, Kevin Clark, Kevin Doyle Jones, Leif Utne, Tracy Gary,  and Valdis Krebs. Hats off to Jon Lebkowsky, without which there would be a whole lot less energy and visibility for pursuing the meme spreading of thrivability.

Thank you to Jair for whispering, in early 2007, the word thrivability to me, thus triggering this whole cascade! Thank you to the good folks at decko.org fopr helping me tool around with software for the interactive version of this book.

Warm arppreciation to Patricia Zimmerman and Valdis Krebs for helping to edit all the contributions. Thank you to Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz for edits, help with online tools, and their wonderful support and encouragement. Thank you Tracy Gary for sparking the idea of sponsorship. Thank you Bice Wilson for believing the book in the worth of the book.

Warm thanks to all the contributors. We would not have a book without you. From the written pieces to the designed, the photos, and the paintings, I thank you for believing in thrivability and offering your gifts. Thank you to our contributors who invited a friend to contribute too: Bice Wilson, David Hodgson, Leilani, Rashida Henry.

Deep bows of gratitude to our sponsors. I scaled back my work schedule significantly to dedicate myself to completing this quickly, again - Chris Brogan, Herman Wagter, Inspired Legacies, Kaliya Young, and Kevin Clark of Content Evolution. 

Thank you Tony Deifell for sharing WDYDWYD? with me and all of us. You are an inspiration.  Thank you to Amy Sample Ward and Evonne Heyning and others who helped us launch at sxswi with the WDYDWYD? activity.

Thank you to the ned conference participants who helped me evolve the flash collaboration concept for this effort.

Thank you twitter friends, you know who you are, for your advice and good cheer.

Thrivability does indeed emerge from a community! Thank you!