Near the diving Mecca Dahab, Red Sea there is a dive called the Wall.   As you drop 36 meters in a crevice you end in school of Glass Fish.  Transparence, even illumination, with a slightly giggling mind.

In my garden in Kampala, a sunbird is taking nectar from the flowers of the male papaya flowers.  How I wish I had those green metallic wings and dazzling red breast — flapping them hard to impress my female consort.

As the patient peers into my eyes, the nurse translates what this young boy is saying: “Everything will be all right?” All I can muster is, “We try our best.”  Boundaries: death & life always end in the first.

In Oure Cassoni refugee camp in Chad, everyday towards our departure Mohammed with the big teeth asks me to play football.  Most days, I get some minutes in — exploding joy for me and the boys.

Some days, the awareness of nature and people is lesser than other days.  Time to implore. Those days, moon nor sun, bird, nor kid is seen.  Go on, explore the interior.

Glass fish, sunbird, boy patient, interior, exterior and Mohammed equals “Same same.”

One I see with my Inner Eye guided by the Inner Child; it sees what I cannot when I try looking for it.

The majestic nature of All and the opportunity to be fully part of it. Enjoy it!  Explore it!  Thrive on it!

You are that (Tat tvam asi).