Clarity: from the vantage of the timeless wisdom traditions, (who/what we truly are) has been described as Awareness, Source, the View, God, Clarity.

Once we...

instinctively recognize our fundamental nature through short moments of clarity repeated many times until they become continuous, and  
understand that all that’s ever really going are clarity and our points of view (all our thoughts, feelings, sensation, and other experiences — any object of perception) and that our point of view/contents of clarity are only the inseparable dynamic expression of clarity itself with no independent nature of their own...

then complete mental and emotional stability become possible and one’s capacity to contribute to the world from reliance on clarity (wisdom, love, compassion, natural ethics) is enhanced.

One can then be/become truly thrivable, personally and professionally, and contribute to a thrivable world.

Our belief in the independent nature of points of view (right and wrong, good and bad, creationism and evolutionism--you name the duality) can be said to be leading us to extinction. An understanding of the nature of mind/reality (the simplicity of Clarity or the View and points of view) offers a pathway to a harmonious, collaborative, thrivable future.

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