Breathing in Gratitude

Breathing in Gratitude+Image

When I was a child, I thought that gratitude was held inside the words "thank you."

They were two words packed with incredible meaning.  As a shy child, I struggled to find the voice that carried my depth of feeling. I worried that people might not feel the heart behind my words.  My gratitude sometimes seemed too huge, too hard to express, with people until long after I could have said something.

That was childhood thinking. Children experience a world in which they are the main story.

When I became an adult, I learned two more words -- inspire and aspire. One means to breathe; the other means to breathe toward. I began to realize a life is inspiration, breathing, and dreams are breathing toward what life could be.

Now I think gratitude is better held inside the word "gratis" -- given freely in appreciation. I breathe in and breathe toward the incredible meaning packed in the experience of a world filled with so much more than me. And I hope my voice will carry and express the depth of my feeling that is the joy of a life fueled by gratitude.