expand_less Thrivability has a past. The set of blue sketch cards is a collection of previous efforts from 60 contributors from different fields who came together in 2010 to frame the field. They describe actions, qualities, cycles, and values observed to contribute, big time, to thriving. But, the sketch is still a living entity! Through our salons and conversations, we'll continue adding sketch entries together as our community grows! Learn how to use the wiki to contribute to sketch cards. 
{{First Glance|view:content}} First Glance by Jill Palermo
{{Surprise|view:content}} Surprise by Tony Deifell
{{Untitled by Hava Gurveich|view:content}} Untitled by Hava Gurevich
[[Introduction]] by [[Jean Russell]]
[[A Case for Thrivability]]
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{{Norvus Corpus detail by Darlene Charneco|view:content}}